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Industry Resources is a secure, business-to-business Web site that enables banks, utilities, telecoms, financial institutions, law firms and collection agencies to efficiently buy and sell debt portfolios. This is a site where portfolios can be viewed, due diligence performed, purchase negotiations completed, and relevant documents transmitted. We are not a buyer or seller of debt. is not a consumer-oriented Web site, and does NOT support individuals looking for assistance with debt consolidation or credit counseling. If you are looking for credit assistance, please use your favorite search engine or the yellow pages to find an organization that can help you.

Traditionally, buyers and sellers of debt connected through phone, fax, trade publication advertising, and brokers. The process was slow, with transactions taking more than a month to complete. Now, with, buyers can find portfolios matching their criteria within minutes, and view the details at once. And, with DSP's Transactor™, buyer-to-seller negotiation tool, transactions can be completed with total privacy within four to six days.
Both buyers and sellers enjoy the benefits of consistent presentation, quick research, competitive pricing, accurate information, and reduced transaction time.
For more information about DSP’s solution to buying and selling debt, click the button below.
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